Some words from our campers

Here are some comments from campers and their families from previous years:

  • The highlight of the program for my daughter was her interaction with others and her studies. (Mother of camper)
  • I am very happy I enrolled my granddaughter and very pleased with all that you have shown and helped her with. (Grandmother of camper)
  • I appreciated the friendly and professional attitude of the Staff. (Mother of camper)
  • It has been one of the best camps my daughters have attended. They enjoyed the experience. Hope you do it again next year. (Mother of camper)
  • I was on the Honour Roll this year because of AESOP! (Repeat camper)
  • There should be more camps like this one. (Grandparents of camper)
  • What’s one camp tha tmakes learning enjoyable, that’s very affordable and fun? The answer is AESOP! (Happy camper)

People we like

If organizations can have heroes, I’d like to introduce you to one of mine, the Midtown Educational Foundation, which runs Midtown for boys and Metro for girls in Chicago. AESOP is, in many ways, inspired by Midtown-Metro. Like AESOP, they started out as summer camps for inner-city youths, dedicated to academic enrichment, life skills, sports and fun. Both programs have evolved to include after school tutoring for pre-teens and high school students. Midtown-Metro recently celebrated 50 years. Their programs, which began with 12 boys, no money and a dream, now serve more than 1,000 boys and girls annually. You can read more about Metro here and catch some testimonial videos from former participants.

Camp theme for 2016

The theme for this year’s camp is Know your City! Here are some of the ideas and activities we will explore.

  • Learn the neighbourhood. What is there to do and see in Vanier, within walking distance of the camp? Check out the parks. Notice interesting buildings. See if you can drawn what you see.
  • Ottawa is a fascinating city, so let’s play tourist and see some of the sights, like the Parliament Buildings or the Rideau Canal.
  • Nature walks. Learn to spot birds, identify trees and other plants.
  • Getting around. Learn the Transit system and how to read a map.