About Us

AESOP camp is an initiative of Neeje Association for Women and Family, a registered charity serving Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. The first camp ran in 2005 in Ottawa’s West End. In 2011, the camp moved to Vanier, where it remains. Each year of its operation, AESOP has received a grant from the Canada Summer Jobs program, as well as donations from private supporters. This funding enables us to offer the program for a nominal fee.

Summer: a time to grow, a time to learn!

Summer vacation should be special – a time to rest, but also a time to learn and to explore new things. But great summers do not happen automatically. They need planning, and sometimes, they need help. Hard working parents may not have much time for summer fun, leaving the kids sit around all day, doing nothing and getting bored. AESOP offers a variety of activities, with something different every day. As part of its low-cost philosophy, these activities typically require inexpensive materials, or take advantage of free opportunities in the city. The AESOP experience teaches girls to make the most of their free time.

Character: the key to success

Personal character is the key to success and to future happiness. Each week at AESOP is built around a theme, like “respect for others”, “perseverance”, “honesty” and “diligence”. Guided discussion groups allow the girls to reflect on these qualities and how one might exercise them.

Individual attention

Individual attention is at the centre of the AESOP method. Each girl receives personal mentoring from a counselor.  Through mentoring, the girl is encouraged to set concrete goals for herself, usually based on the theme of the week. This is also an opportunity to raise questions about other aspects of the programming.

Math? At summer camp?

Yes, we do math,  and English too! Studies have shown that many students forget in July and August, a good deal of what they learned during the previous school year. Mornings at AESOP include practice in mathematics and English. In keeping with the AESOP method of individual attention, girls academic needs are evaluated at the start of the camp and an individual program developed to assist her plug any gaps in her schooling. Students that have fully mastered the curriculum of their school grade can be challenged with extra material. AESOP staff and high school volunteers are their to offer individual coaching. With this preparation, the AESOP girl can return to school in September from a position of strength.